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We are a faith-based 501(c)3 providing housing, treatment, and lifelong sustainment services for women and children victims of human trafficking.



​This 17-acre community is meeting the housing and healing needs of the fastest-growing and second-largest criminal enterprise - human trafficking.


We offer free:

  • Long-term Housing

  • Trauma Therapy & Healing Programs

  • Alcohol & Drug Treatment

  • Mental Health Services

  • Spiritual Care 

  • Physical Care - Prescriptions, Dental & Vision

  • Education Services & Job Preparation

  • Reintegration Services

  • Lifelong Access to Counseling, Education, & Spiritual Encouragement

We are currently expanding and adding 10 more beautiful tiny cottages in 2023.


REHOPE Market was founded as a social enterprise to sell online merchandise, survivor-made products and our special blend of REHOPE coffee.

The program provides:

  • Personal & Professional Skills Training

  • Therapeutic & Creative Outlets 

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Beautiful Young Girl


In the U.S., females account for 70% of the total human sex trafficking population with 20% of those being children - mostly the ages of 14-17. 

With only 600 beds available nationwide to minor survivors, REHOPE partnered with Missouri Baptist Children’s Home (MBCH) in November 2019 and opened the first house of REHOPE Youth.


This campus provides: 

  • Trauma treatment

  • Education 

  • Family reintegration

  • Advanced trauma-informed foster/adoptive services. 

Located outside of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, RH Youth serves up to 7 girls and 7 boys (11-17 years of age) at a time.


It costs $156/day for housing, food, therapies, programs, education, and staff.

Partner with us to save the lives of trafficked children.


As a human trafficking training center, RH University brings together a centralized network of professionals from legal, medical, psychological, prevention, social services, business, law enforcement, judicial, and legislative arenas.


Opportunities include:​

  • Trafficking-Specific Shelters Training

  • Internships & Residencies

  • Survivor Leader Development

  • Law Enforcement Trafficking Training

Center of Excellence in Counter Human Trafficking

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