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​REHOPE Farms is a 17-acre community that is meeting the housing and healing needs of the fastest-growing and second-largest criminal enterprise - human trafficking. We are the largest restorative housing in the Midwest.

We offer FREE:

  • Long-term Housing

  • Trauma Therapy & Healing Programs

  • Alcohol & Drug Treatment

  • Mental Health Services

  • Spiritual Care 

  • Physical Care - Prescriptions, Dental & Vision

  • Education Services & Job Preparation

  • Reintegration Services

  • Lifelong Access to Counseling, Education, & Spiritual Encouragement

Long Term Care

Safe Zone | Phase 1 Housing - (3-12 months) Entry level, safety stability, trauma therapy, healing, and responsibility 

Growth Zone | Phase 2 Housing - (12-24 months) Continued therapy, working part-time, studying, education, more responsibility, and peer leadership

Transitional Zone | Phase 3 Housing - (24-36 months) Transitional housing, safe community, sustainable support, peer leadership, and working full-time 


Animal Therapy

There is so much healing and training in taking care of animals. Survivors care for the goats and chickens on the farm, which teaches them to love and be loved.

Creative Therapy

As part of healing on the farm, the women have an amazing facility that gives them the tools to create and destress. Their creations are then sold to local stores as a way to support them. 



Goal: 10 Additional Cottages with 17 beds in 2023

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REHOPE Farms is the largest residential housing facility in the Midwest for human trafficking survivors.

We have acquired a total of 17 acres and are doubling our capacity to meet the ever-growing needs of trafficked victims.

Your Donation Covers: 

  • $65,000 - one-bedroom

  • $75,000 for a two-bedroom

  • $85,000 for a three-bedroom

  • *Includes cottage construction, transportation, & setup


Additional Costs & Needs:

  • Furnishing & Appliances $10K

  • Furniture & Decor $5k

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Items $2.5k

  • Landscaping $1k

  • Volunteers Needed - Landscaper, Decorator, & Movers

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