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Center of Excellence in Counter Human Trafficking

REHOPE University brings together a centralized network of professionals from Healthcare, Trauma Therapy, Legal, Legislative, Prevention, Prosecution, and Law Enforcement.

Upcoming Trainings

June 16, 2023

REHOPE Human Trafficking Training

REHOPE in partnership with the HTTC and Paradigm Shift Training & Consulting

Time & Location

June 16, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CDT


25713 S. State Route K, Harrisonville


You will learn…

1. Recognize + Transition

Recognize indicators and

transition from routine call

to human trafficking



2. Evidence 

How to look for and

properly obtain evidence,

including from cell phones

3. Interview

How to appropriately

interview victim + suspect

4. Special Victims Methodology

Understand the SVM and

associated risk factors

Study group

Trafficking-Specific Shelters Training

Are you looking to run your own restoration home for survivors of human and sex trafficking?

Learn the laws, compliances, and safety measures.

We will teach you how to successfully give survivors the time, space, instruction, and therapies necessary for them to become healthy, self-sufficient, and significant contributors to society.

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