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New Name; Same Mission

Restoration House, the largest provider of long-term residential housing for human trafficking survivors in the Midwest is rebranding. We are so excited about our new name - REHOPE.

Every victim we encounter is plagued with hopelessness. They don’t see a way out of their situation. But when we can give them a sense of REHOPE, anything is possible. We witness victims become survivors. Then we watch those survivors become thrivers.

REHOPE stands as a reminder to the new start that our survivors receive when they come to the farm. REHOPE happens cup by cup when a customer comes into the social enterprise coffee shop and rounds up for the cause of stopping human trafficking.

REHOPE is key to the vision of growth that we have for the additional services we want to offer: small cottages for graduates of our program to begin their journey with an availability of support services nearby, expanded services for trafficked boys, and an increased capacity to serve more survivors.

Each time you see a sunrise, remember that you have another day to make an impact. If you’d like to make an impact donation, you can visit here to donate safely and securely so human trafficking survivors can experience their own new “dawn”.

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